Laura GlassarInspired by simple, beautiful shapes and patterns in nature, I collect pretty leaves, dry them out and using a rolling machine, roll them onto the pewter.

This exciting process can be unpredictable but with luck a beautiful imprint is left in the metal. It is only then a decision is made as to how to cut and shape the piece, utilising the image to it’s best.

I have also been using recycled laser cut paper to roll onto the pewter, creating a much bolder pattern. Handcrafted in this way, each piece is a one-off and unique in design.

Pewter is 99% tin and 1% copper. It looks and feels like silver but it doesn’t tarnish and stays shiny. It is non-allergenic and non-toxic.

If your piece of jewellery does begin to look dull after time, polish with metal polish and a soft cloth.

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Payments are made through Paypal and all payment information is submitted and processed only through them. Jewellery will be posted within 3 days of receiving payment.

Postage is £2.50 per item to post within the UK. Please contact me for any overseas orders. Items can be returned within 7 days if undamaged – money will be refunded when the item arrives back, minus postage and packaging costs.

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